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  1. UnyuGaming
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12

    ● Scoreboard Animation
    ● UUID Player Support
    ● Chat Format
    ● Title
    ● Level
    ● Kills and Deaths
    ● Auto Respawn


    Player Commands:
    ● /ffa help
    ● /ffa join
    ● /ffa leave

    ● /ffa stats
    Admin Commands:
    ● /ffa setlobby -> (ffa.setlobby - ffa.*)
    ● /ffa setleave -> (ffa.setleave - ffa.*)
    ● /ffa setkit -> (ffa.setkit - ffa.*)
    ● /ffa set <kills:deaths> <player> <number> -> (ffa.setstats - ffa.*)

    ● /ffa reload -> (ffa.reload - ffa.*)




    Tested with Skript 2.2

    ● Im Using this addon
    - Skript
    - Skquery
    - Skellet
    - Skrayfall

    - Nametagedit

    ● Setup File
    1. Download this skript and place in Skript folder in "plugins/Skript/script/"
    2. To console and command "/sk reload FFA Kings"
    3. Done

    ● Setup Arena
    1. Create a lobby and setlobby using /ffa setlobby
    2. Create leave lobby and setleave using /ffa setleave
    3. Set kit in your inventory, and command /ffa setkit
    4. Done

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