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    Type casting in skript-mirror?

    Hello, everyone I want to destroy (so that it will drop itself and its contents) a minecart with hopper that got under a certain chest. My code I wrote so far (I'm using the skript-mirror add-on): import: org.bukkit.event.inventory.InventoryMoveItemEvent...
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    Execute string as Skript code

    I see. So what you're doing is basically creating a temporary script out of a chat message and executing it right away. Not at all what I expected, but very clever. Thanks and, by the way, could you please update the documentation with valid images? :emoji_wink: The links that are present in the...
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    Execute string as Skript code

    Hello, everyone Came to ask just one simple question. Is it possible to execute a string as Skript code in any way? Example: function("set {_x} to 'hello from the string'") function("send {_x} to all players") # or expression "set {_x} to 'hello from the string'" expression "send {_x} to all...