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    Solved How to increase the effects of a custom enchant according to the number as level in the lore

    change the times that it loops to change the amount off levels it can handle on damage: attacker is entity victim is entity loop 10 times: if "%lore of victim's tool%" contains "Reflex %loop-value%": chance of (loop-value * 5)% send action bar...
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    Need help mkaing a skript that cancel event if the player has an item in thier inventory

    on join: wait 5 ticks if player's inventory does not contain 1 of iron sword of sharpness 1 named "&aPVP Sword": give player iron sword of sharpness 1 named "&aPVP Sword" give player 10 of golden apple give player 2 of steak give player 32 of arrow...
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    Teleporting Player (NEED HELP)

    on step on <block>: teleport player to <specific location>
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    (NEED HELP) giving permissions to player error

    Player permissions can be a funky thing sometimes, if you really want to make it so someone cannot move, just use the 'on player move:' event and make a variable for turning it on and off
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    on private message?

    You would have to make a custom private messaging system for instance: command /pri <target: player> <message: text>: trigger: if arg 2 contains ":loc:": set {_message} to "%arg 2%" set {x.cord} to player's x-coordinate set {y.cord} to player's...
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    Advent calendar help

    you can make an advent calendar fairly easily, but it only works if your server is up at all times
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    anvil inventory item

    this code works for me, perhaps it is a plugin that you aren't using