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  1. Very Cool Bee


    But it doesn't for me D: The items still don't show up :<
  2. Very Cool Bee


    Hellooo! I recently made this skript for a backpack: function openBackpack(p: player): open chest with 1 row named "Backpack" to {_p} set {_s} to 0 loop 9 times: set slot {_s} of {_p}'s current inventory to {backpack::%{_p}%::%{_s}%} add 1 to {_s} on...
  3. Very Cool Bee

    Removing recipes with SkBee

    Hello, it's a me - Very Cool Bee. I'm using the SkBee Skript addon and everything's working fine except one thing - removing custom recipes doesn't work. I wanted to delete all of my custom recipes with this code: "remove all custom recipes". And it didn't work. I don't know how to remove all of...
  4. Very Cool Bee

    Setting damage

    Well it works, but what about the cooldown? I mean wouldn't the pvp with this code work like in 1.8?
  5. Very Cool Bee

    Setting damage

    Hello, it's a me. Very Cool Bee. I want to change the damage of an iron sword. By default it's damage is 3 hearts and I want it to be a random number between 2.5 and 3.5 and well I don't really know how to do that. But maybe you know! :wrong:
  6. Very Cool Bee

    Checking items in brewing stand

    Well these codes work, but: It prevents any movement of the fermented spider eye in my inventory. If I open the brewing stand I can't move this item at all. I just wanted to prevent players from putting it to the brewing stand. Also I found a bug - when I opened my normal inventory and wanted to...
  7. Very Cool Bee

    Checking items in brewing stand

    Hello! How can I check the item player puts into a brewing stand? I want to prevent people from putting fermented spider eye into a brewing stand. Thanks :wrong: