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    How can i spawn a invisible item frame with a map in it?

    why does the itemframe need to be invisible? when a map is put into an item frame it wil already be the full size of a block hiding the itemframe right?
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    Warn Spam in Console

    what it means is that you are creating a large number of variables that skript is trying to save to the default log. you might be able to fix a lot of your code by using underscores at the start of your variables. if a variable is not used outside the piecr of code it is in, make it {_name} to...
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    Freez skript not working :(

    besides, what about ender pearls. or other means of movement,
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    Homing arrow also with named bow

    this is script help, not scripts requests. what have you coded so far? otherwise go to
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    Solved Set blocks in an area

    remove the "" around bedrock. you are setting your variable {_block} to the string "bedrock" instead of the block bedrock. other than that it is working as expected when i tested your code. keep in mind that you are making a 10 block cube close to the bottom (under the ground) of your map. it...
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    How to disable the level up sound

    oner way is to replace the sound file with an empty one in a (forced) resource pack for your server. there is the "on level up:" event, but i am not sure if you can stop sounds from it. but it should be with stop playing sound[s] %strings% [(in|from) %soundcategory%] [(to|for) %players%] so...
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    executing commands with variables

    if you type "execute positioned {_block} run function sp:particles" in your server's console, what happens?\ , if you want to parse the variable of {block} you need to add %% around it. otherwise it literally tries to 'type' out {_block} in the console. so try: execute the command "execute...
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    Skript does not understand the event

    can you try if this works: on walk on any block: if event-block is not dirt or grass: apply slowness 2 to the player for 1 second
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    Solved Reset a variable of all offline players

    loop all offline players: if all players does not contain loop-offline player: clear {player.Balance::%loop-offline player%} remember, loop offline players loops ALL players that ever joined, including online players. so that is why you check if they are online before clearing the...
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    Solved Loop doesnt work

    ok, try this: setting the vallue in {vdate::%player%} to true. and test your not working loop if it works as you wanted it. function graczeObok(p: player) :: boolean: set {vdate::%{_p}%} to true loop all players in radius 50 around {_p}: set {vdate::%{_p}%::%loop-player%} to...
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    Solved Loop doesnt work

    you don't have a variable {vdate::*}, thus you can't loop that.
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    Solved This doesnt work

    it is with [ code][/code] (without the space) you can find it under the + sign in a box while writing a post. i will assume this is what the spaces in your code look like: every 1 seconds in world "flatroom": set {_e} to pig spawn {_e} at location at (-464, 7, -326) in event-world...
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    Solved Time change vote system not working

    if you are making a list of player UUIDs, or want to check a list, be sure to have a ::* at the end of your variable name. so "add player's uuid to {hlasoval::ano}" should be add player's uuid to {hlasoval::ano::*} so that skript knows it is a list of variables, and not just one variable. to...
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    Solved Spawning mobs in specific coordinates and world

    well that is not at all what you described in your title. if you had explained it in your post you might have had some help with it. you can use an event that reoccurs with "every %timespan% in [world] %worlds%" so every 3 minutes in "world": spawn zombie at location at (0, 80, 0)...
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    Solved How do I make an assist system?

    you could try somehting like this: add the attacker to a list per player, and clear the list when they are at full health. this will however remember an assist even if it happened minutes ago but the player never went back to full health. of you could ad an actual timer and remove it after a...