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  1. Tenfont

    ban hammer code not working

    Hello, j_91. It is usually good practice to put your code inside a code block for the sake of readability. You can do this by clicking the `Insert` button and then selecting `Code Block` from the menu at the top when writing a message. Also, please always include all the errors and issues you...
  2. Tenfont

    Hi, I've been trying to find a way to see the items inside a shulker

    loop compound list tag "tag;BlockEntityTag;Items" of (nbt compound of {_shulker}): add item of nbt (loop-value) to {_items::*} {_shulker} would be your item. the items of the shulker will be stored in the {_items::*} variable. You can open a GUI with it, give it to the player, etc
  3. Tenfont

    [Hiring] [TEMP] Minigame script

    Then add me on discord. TenFont#7283
  4. Tenfont

    Solved Get length of list

    if size of {list::*} > 2
  5. Tenfont

    Solved Guys how can i make cast lots ?

    You're welcome. You can mark this as solved now
  6. Tenfont

    [Hiring] [TEMP] Minigame script

    Accept my friend request on Discord if you haven't gotten any offers yet.
  7. Tenfont

    Solved Guys how can i make cast lots ?

    command /random: trigger: set {_players::*} to shuffled players loop (size of players) / 2 times: add {_players::%loop-number%} to {_result::*} send {_result::*} This code basically returns half of the online players, randomly. I assume that's what you want here
  8. Tenfont

    I need help with my custom commands.

    Please provide more detail. Which command doesn't work? What errors are you getting? If you're not getting any errors, then what is the desired result, and what result is being observed?
  9. Tenfont

    How to make a function that checks the number of items in a container?

    parameter {_type} is already a string, don't surround it with quotes
  10. Tenfont

    Skript place holder?

    remove number if {Mana::%player%} is between 80 and 120: Also use local variables, since you aren't using the global variable anyways set {_mana} to placeholder "%%aureliumskills_mana%%" from the player
  11. Tenfont

    Solved How to use 'execute command' in 'on join:'

    The title is: How to use 'execute command' in 'on join:' You're welcome
  12. Tenfont

    Solved Daily Elytra Break

    function getElytraBreaks(attacker: player) :: integer: if {_attacker} has permission "elytra.premium": return 3 else if {_attacker} has permission "elytra.uvip": return 2 else: return 1 on damage of itemframe: if attacker's world is "irongard_the_end"...
  13. Tenfont

    Endersee skript

    command /endersee <player>: trigger: open arg-1's enderchest named "Viewing Enderchest of &n%arg-1%" to player on inventory click: name of player's current inventory starts with "Viewing Enderchest" cancel event
  14. Tenfont

    Solved Daily Elytra Break

    pls elaborate, is there any errors? resend the code you're using currently and also try debugging the code yourself to check for any possible errors
  15. Tenfont

    Arena Clear Skript

    this is a bit general topic, so it can't be created in one script as I'm guessing you would prefer to edit the regions yourself, so I'll split this up into parts: 1 Create a 'structure' using SkBee, this would be the region that would get cleared. save structure between {_location1} and...