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    Sorry, but this will be a long question because I need to explain how it theoretically would work. Okay so heres the big idea: -Create a resource pack and change the texture of a block, but give it an animated texture with many various block faces you want. -Create a skript that allows you to...
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    Solved Variable inside a variable?

    this is why loop-player was invented I believe use loop-player where ever you want to test all players
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    Question: Do {list::*} preserve the order of entries.

    What my program is supposed to do: When a player wants to join a mini-game and the server is full, queue them to join next if a slot goes empty. So the question is, Do list variables preserve the order data was put into it? So if I was to add 2 players to the queue(list variable) would the...
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    Script Radiation Zone

    SpectralMagic submitted a new resource: Radiation Zone - Create and manage radiation regions on worlds Read more about this resource...
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    Script Radiation Zone 1.2

    Created By: SpectralMagic(me) Tested on 1.12.2 Someone requested this be done, and I didn't think keeping it private(or mostly private) would be too fair, since I'm providing it for free anyways. This skript offers 4 commands, an editing wand, and "radiation zones". You can use /rad or /rad...