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    Solved How to give shulker boxes containing stuff?

    You can set the shulker box you want to give as a variable then make in the gui on click event which gives the shulker box like this hold the shulker box containing the stuff and type in chat "!set {shulkerbox's variable} to tool" then in the gui code you add "give {shulkerbox's variable} to...
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    How to create custom quests using skript?

    on arm swing: # Sets the variable so players can use it if {zombieskilled::%player%} is not set: set {zombieskilled::%player%} to 0 command /quests: # Quest gui trigger: if {zombieskilled::%player%} < 10: set {_quests} to a new chest inventory with 1 rows with name...
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    Getting item in a certain slot.

    command /gui: trigger: set {_gui} to a new chest inventory with 3 rows with name "Gui" set slot 0 of {_gui} to diamond sword named "&bHello" open {_gui} to player set line 1 of slot 0 of current inventory of player's lore to "Good Bye" That's what works for me
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    GUI Shop not working?

    Try using this instead if player's current inventory's name is "&4Køb poletter!":
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    Solved Holo displays

    You can check this addon
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    Solved Mine reset lite skript

    command /mrlerase [<text>]: trigger: if arg-1 is "Minename1": set blocks within {flocmine1} and {slocmine1} to air send "&a%arg-1% deleted successfully!" to player if arg-1 is "Minename2": set blocks within {flocmine2} and {slocmine2} to air send "&a%arg-1%...
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    I need a skript (pretty long)

    command /report <player> <text>: usage: &c/report <player name> <reason> - Please report a &6Player &cand type a &eReason trigger: if {reportcooldown::%player%} <= 0: if arg-1 is set: if {playerreports::%player%} contains "%arg-1%": send "&cYou already reported...
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    Solved player's prefix

    You can use plugins like vault or you can use on chat: set the chat format to "[prefix] %player%: %message%"
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    Need Skript

    What do you mean when 2 players in queue starts skript?
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    Right Click on Compass Cooldown

    You can use this template to use command cooldowns