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    I am trying to make a /compress gui

    Problem: My functions dosnt work but i dont get any errors so if anyone could help me it would really make me happy :) Code: function compresssel(p: player, i: itemtype, i2: itemtype, done: text): set {_amount} to amount of {_i} in {_p}'s inventory open chest inventory with 5 rows named...
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    I get this error cant understand

    my skript options: deny-username-message: &8> &4You can't put your username here&8! no-referral-message: &8> &4Ok&8! &4A person didn't tell you about the server&8. thank-you-message-1: &8> &aThank you for telling us &2%player%&8! thank-you-message-2: &8> &aThank you for inviting...