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    İnventory click wont work

    sidenote: skrayfall is actually good but useless now, the send player title was the only useful feature
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    Can't understand the problem

    I think it's called item amount, not amount.
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    Solved solved

    on connect: lowercase player's name contains "z" kick player due to "No russian propagandists allowed"
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    Posted twice to get more attention, and wants us to write the whole code. I'm speechless, learn and if you can't get a developer. This is not a free marketplace.
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    Changing a item to netherite

    Using this: You could create a netherite item, loop the enchantments of the diamond item and apply them to the netherite item, while potentially also copying other attributes/NBT/metadata, like name and lore.
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    Skript crashing server and not working.

    I reckon it's caused by the while loop, even though it has a cooldown on it.
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    /fill in another world other than the main-level

    You are abusing console commands quite a lot, also you misspelled in one place. (/mc instead of /mv) Start switching out your console commands to Skript functions/expressions/whatevers, and when you get to the fill part it will have you specify a location, so picking a world won't be a problem...
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    for 5-10 seconds is not an entity type

    Try this: on damage: if damage cause is fall: if victim is a player: set {_damage} to damage if {_damage} is greater than or equal to 3: send "&cYou'd feel a sharp pain in your leg as it snapped" to victim apply potion of...
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    Variable can't be used as location

    What you wrote works, but would not do the same as OP provided. This is the fixed code: set {_l} to location at ({_x}, y of player, {_z}) in world of player
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    I need help with skript

    "I need help with skript" No one is going to help you if you don't tell us the problem. I see the error, but I'm not going to tell you for that reason.
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    placeholder does not enter the if loop.

    "i'm not getting an error, but it's not going into the if loop." If is not a loop. As for why it isn't going into the if statement, then I wouldn't know, you might broadcast the {_placeholder} variable before and after parsing to check if it is parsable into an integer. Also this is really...
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    Invisible armor

    I have done this in a plugin a long time ago with ProtocolLib, don't know if it's possible in Skript, might be, you need packets anyway.
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    Solved on command cooldown

    In the BetterRTP wiki I found this: Placeholders List of all available placeholders, change all <world_name> to the world name you desire (CAse SeNSatiVE) betterrtp_count: Get total amount of rtp's done betterrtp_cooldown: Get cooldown in current world betterrtp_cooldown_<world_name>: Get...
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    Help with Player Selector Skript

    This code is ultra unreadable but it seems like you are accessing {_y} in the "on inventory click" event. {_y} is a local variable, and you cannot use it in another function.