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    Execute command

    Thank you! - last question how do i charge people when they are using that command? :)
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    Execute command

    Hi I need help... Command /buywarp: trigger: make console execute "pex user @executer add essentials.setwarp" I need to give the person who execute /buywarp to get this permissions "essentials.setwarp"' How do i do that?
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    Hello :) I'm looking for a coinflip skript that works with 1.14 - I found 1 skript but they didn't work with 1.14 :/ I found this skript it looks good, but i dosen't work with 1.14 :( So i'm looking for a coinflip skript that works with 1.14 :))
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    Solved Click chat and run a command

    It works!! Thank you!! :)
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    Solved Click chat and run a command

    Hi :) I do not know if this is possible but I hope so! :) I'm looking for a script like that if writing / ctext does a text pop up in chat and if you click on the text, does it run a command ?? - Is it possible in the skript ?? :)
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    Mob Upgrade

    Hi :emoji_slight_smile: I'm looking for a skript where it is possible to upgrade mobs E.g: I have spawnet an Iron Golem and if I right click on it then opens a GUI Where then are 3 things you can click The one thing is that when you upgrade its strength so that it easier killing people The...