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    Solved Custom item drop

    options: fthe_blocks: stone, diorite ... set {_fthe_blocks_random::*} to split "{@fthe_blocks}" at ", " set {_fthe_blocks} to random element out of {_fthe_blocks_random::*} send "%{_fthe_blocks}%" drop {_fthe_blocks} at location 64, 2, -348 in...
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    Help with item drop

    The strange thing is that, for example in this code: if event-block is red_banner: it determines the color of the banner. It's very strange.
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    Help with item drop

    Hi all, I'm doing Capture the Flag mode and at some point I need to reset the flag when a player dies. And in one of the main code snippets I use the following code: drop 1 red banner at {_deathGray} But this piece of code doesn't work and gives an error "Can't understand this condition/effect...