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    Solved How to check for permission true and false in the same line

    Thank you for reminding me to keep it simple. The solution: command /autojoin: description: This command is used to automatically join the faction corresponding to your nation. executable by: players permission: skript.foreigner permission message: &4You do not have access to...
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    Skript doesn't work, what did I do wrong?

    What is the error?
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    Solved Written error

    Then you should also know that no one can help you without the code. (Btw, even if you did share the code, I do not have the expertise yet to work properly with list variables, but others do.)
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    Solved How to check for permission true and false in the same line

    As the title suggest, I would like to check if one permission is true while the other is false. I know I could do if player has permission "": if player does not have permission "test.meagain": do something But what I am trying to do is having it on the same line. if player has...
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    forge unable to plant/grow nether wart

    I stopped modding since Minecraft release 1.0, doesn't Forge have their own forums? Or heck, Minecraft forum? Planet Minecraft?
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    forge unable to plant/grow nether wart

    Dude, this forum is for support on scripts you made. Modding forge has nothing to do with this.
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    Solved Modify existing command

    Thank you. I will stop wasting my time doing the impossible then.
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    Solved Modify existing command

    That's the point. I want to edit this existing command.
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    Solved Modify existing command

    I use FactionsUUID and Lands, I want both to work together so I have been building a script to make it happen. However, when it comes to banning and kicking from factions I need to be able to target the second argument in the command and I do not know how to do that. All commands in this script...
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    Solved /do commad

    Then you make another command in your script. /do will execute everything in your trigger. You cannot have /do do two completely different things because they are different data types.
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    Teleporting when standing on specific location

    Or claim a 1 block space with worldguard and then check for region.
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    Solved Randomized Item ID

    Would you mind sharing your solution?
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    I need a trading Skript

    Get this plugin instead.
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    Solved /do commad

    Remove your brackets in the command. Brackets in documentation mean something is optional. Haven't tested it yet, but try this: command /do <enchantment>: trigger: enchant the player's tool with %arg-1% Relevant documentation: