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  1. Ronnoc2w

    Solved Add percentage of variable to variable

    Hello guys, I want to make a skript so you can add percent of a variable to a variable. I think my code explains what I mean: command /test: trigger: send "CN: 50 +10%%" set {_test} to 50 add 10% of {_test} to {_test} send "NN: %{_test}%" Thanks already :D...
  2. Ronnoc2w

    Solved Can't set inventory slots

    What version of skript are you now using? And what version of Minecraft?
  3. Ronnoc2w

    Solved Can't set inventory slots

    What addons do you have installed?
  4. Ronnoc2w

    Solved Can't set inventory slots

    Try use set slot 0 of player's current inventory to book named "Test"
  5. Ronnoc2w

    Solved A trail skript

    Hey ok, is the whitelist off? Going to join now.... //EDIT Im Still banned could you unban me? and add me to the whitelist Ingame: Ronnoc2w
  6. Ronnoc2w

    Solved A trail skript

    Well, I joined and got banned for "lol" I don't know why. My Ingame name is Ronnoc2w ?!? //EDIT Got banned on my other account what the hack?!?!??!? Well now the Whitelist is on and my alt accounts don't work anymore... Could you send me the discord link?
  7. Ronnoc2w

    Solved A trail skript

    Okay I will join the server im going to start with the trails Skript then. Do you have a teamspeak server? If not you can find me on: Its a German teamspeak but it doesn't matter I think
  8. Ronnoc2w

    Solved TuSKe GUI not showing the skull or book

    Hey i know this works for skquery i don‘t know if this also works for tuske: format gui slot 4 of player with skull of („%arg-1%“ parsed as offline player) named "&cPlayer: &7%arg-1%" with lore "&7Ban, mute, kick or warn" and "&7this player."
  9. Ronnoc2w

    Solved A trail skript

    Hey im soon going to be in the pc again if you want i will post the code fully functionally + i will fix some bugs i have nothing to di at the Moment so that‘s no problem :D your error was That you mostly forgot the : after you checkt players permission
  10. Ronnoc2w

    Unbreakable Tools 1.8

    Hey thanks for your reply but i cant Update Skript because all my skripts would not work any more its because of skquery (SkQuery 3) i also dont know what Version of Skript im using also other addons cause issues. But i am using spigot ver. 1.8.8 and i don‘t want to upgrade. So im now at the...
  11. Ronnoc2w

    Solved Open a GUI in a GUI using skQuery?

    You could do that you add multiple commands when you click a item like this: command /inv [<text>]: trigger: open chest with 1 row named "Inv1" to sender wait a tick format slot 0 of sender with dirt named "&bRandom item" to close then run [wait a tick]->[open chest with 2 rows named...
  12. Ronnoc2w

    Unbreakable Tools 1.8

    Hello guys, I am making a BuildFFA Skript and I want to make the tools unbreakable. I have found a thread with umbaska but that does not work for me. Also I found a posibillity to do it with Skript dev-12b or something but that also does not work for me because version and stuff. So where I have...
  13. Ronnoc2w

    Removing items with and without lores

    Try it with: command /pay <integer>: trigger: remove arg-1 of emerald without any NBT from player's inventory
  14. Ronnoc2w

    Solved Add variables to variables

    Hello guys I wanted to make a token system but I cannot add a custom number to a variable :/ Here is my code: (Problem in line 9) command /eco [<text>] [<text>] [<text>]: trigger: if player has permission "" or "tokenapi.*": if arg-1 is set...
  15. Ronnoc2w

    I need help with format slot

    Try to add „to be unstealable“ behind format slot 0 of player with arrow named "&cArrow &bCraftable: &aTrue &2Recipes: 1 Stick and 1 Flint" Like this: command /crafting: trigger: open chest with 2 rows named "&bCrafting" to player wait 1 tick if player has 1 Stick: if player has 1...