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  1. NotNinjaTalon

    Solved SkBee scoreboard not working but has no errors on reload

    I'm having issues with my scoreboard. On reload i appears there are no errors but on reconnect the scoreboard doesn't appear nor does it when the player manually does /toggle. If anyone knows what my error and or problem could be please share your thoughts. Thanks, Talon. Scoreboard Skript...
  2. NotNinjaTalon

    Scoreboard Toggle Issue (SkBee)

    Mind showing me what you mean, I'm a bit lost to be quite honest haha.
  3. NotNinjaTalon

    Scoreboard Toggle Issue (SkBee)

    I am having issues with my /toggle command, the scoreboard functions properly and /toggle switches between them but when a player enables the scoreboard then decides to disconnect & rejoin the scoreboard doesn't display on. I assume I have messed up somewhere within my on join event, if anyone...
  4. NotNinjaTalon

    Make player execute command as op

    command /test: trigger: make player run command "spawn" as op Very simple code, this should work fine. Please mark this thread as solved if this sorts out your issue
  5. NotNinjaTalon

    Limit the uses of an item (Sellwand)

    Sent a request.
  6. NotNinjaTalon

    Limit the uses of an item (Sellwand)

    My bad, the code is now formatted, if possible could you try to add the durability aspect to it. An example of like 10 uses or something like that'd would be great. Thanks in advanced.
  7. NotNinjaTalon

    Solved Infinite water buckets

    Thanks so much, appreciated!
  8. NotNinjaTalon

    Limit the uses of an item (Sellwand)

    Hello, I'm currently making a skyblock server, anyways I've been trying to skript sellwands. I'm wanting various ones limited to a certain amount of uses, at the moment I've only got an infinite one. How could I make this limited to around 100 uses etc. Hope one of you guys can help me out...
  9. NotNinjaTalon

    Solved Infinite water buckets

    Alright so first off I know this is a very odd request, but anyways I'm wanting a skript that makes it when on place of water bucket named "&bInfinite Water" it places the water as usual but refills the bucket right back up, pretty much replacing the player's tool. I know this is a pretty basic...
  10. NotNinjaTalon

    Solved Disallow CMD but allow it if arg is after

    Hello, I'm trying to make a skript so that it cancels/blocks the command "/is" but I still want it to allow the command if args are set afterwards so players can do things such as /is (upgrades|help) etc. Hope someone can help out, thanks!
  11. NotNinjaTalon

    Solved Help Needed / Error in my skript?

    I'm trying to make a code that replaces the block beneath yourself upon doing the command "/is" For some reason I can't seem to get it to work, any suggestion. All replies appreciated! on command "is": Execute console command "/execute positioned as %player% run setblock ~ ~-1 ~...