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    Solved if loop-block is fire error?

    do you know it? loop all blocks in radius 3 of {_mol}: if "%loop-block%" contains "fire": set block at loop-block to air found a way around after so long and even more annoying how simple it actually was
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    Solved if loop-block is fire error?

    Hello I have this issue where "if loop-block is fire" does not function because of the "fire". I have tried: Using another block ("stone" for example) to test if the issue actually is the "fire" part. (it is) searching the docs joining the discord (I can't for some reason) using the ID for...
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    ! Make player damage targeted entity?

    Yes, that actually seems to function but requires Minecraft 1.15.2 or higher. I probably should have mentioned this is 1.8
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    Loop range??

    hello command numbers: trigger: loop integers between 10 and 20: send "%loop-integer%"
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    Solved i want to make it so when i right click an item it disappears

    elaborate.... but on right click: delete player's tool
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    ! Make player damage targeted entity?

    Hey:) I have this code and I would like to make the player damage the targeted player. Problem is that this code does not make the player the attacker, it just damages the targeted player as if nothing hit them I have tried: force player to damage entity of player by 4 make player damage...
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    Shoot arrow from loc at nearest player

    Hello. I can't get this to work, and you are allowed to change what I currently have or you can make a completely new skript for this to work. command /turrettest: trigger: shoot an arrow from {blueturret.1} at speed 1 nearest player command /settheturretblue: trigger...
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    My gui won't work

    Command /vs: trigger: open chest with 5 rows named "&2&lVagt Shop" to player wait 1 tick format slot 4 of player with gold helmet named "&7&lC-Vagt Hjelm" with lore "&a&lKlik her &a| Hjelmen koster | &a100$" to close then run [make player execute command "test"]...
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    Dropped Items Glow (With particle)

    Hello! I've tried some stuff to make this work, but I haven't figured it out. I've decided to ask you people. So, what I want is to all items that are dropped to glow. But, if the dropped item is named "commonar", then the glow should be white. (Cloud particle) If the dropped item is named...