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    Easy fix // Skript problem

    on right click: if player is in "Prison": if targeted block is stone brick: set targeted block to redstone block wait 5 seconds if the targeted block is redstone block: set targeted block to stone brick on left click...
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    Solved Simple Skript error?

    command /wands <text> Wand1 <player>: usage: /wands help trigger: if arg 1 is "get": message "Enjoy your new wand!" give a stick named "<gold>Wand" to the player if arg 1 is not set: message "&6&lWands &8// &7Correct usage is /wands...
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    on right click: if player is holding diamond: if player is in world "world_nether": loop players in radius 10 around player: play sound "ENTITY_PLAYER_LEVELUP" to loop-player with volume 1 and pitch 2 I did this and it should work.. but whenever I reload...
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    I need help with simple Skript

    on rightclick: if player is holding a diamond: if player is in world "Game2": play sound I started this script not knowing how to finish it, i searched tutorials up on yt but no use. how would I make it so when I right click a diamond it plays sound by all nearby players...