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  1. michal12sk

    Solved Calculating time

    Thank you. I didn't actually think of that.
  2. michal12sk

    Solved Calculating time

    That's exactly how I have it. The Question is how can I calculate the time until a player can vote again. So I need to calculate 2 hours - difference between {lastvoted} and now. But I don't know how
  3. michal12sk

    Solved Calculating time

    Yea that would work, but I'm not asking for that, I'm asking, How to calculate the time until player can vote again
  4. michal12sk

    Solved Calculating time

    Hello, I'm trying to calculate how much time until a player can vote again. I have a variable which uses the %now% to set the time of voting. Since one voting site has 2 hours between votes I need to subtract 2 hours from the time difference between the real-time and time of voting. But I can't...
  5. michal12sk

    Addon Skungee - The proxy addon for Skript

    Hey, I'm having problems with skellett. When i type something in chat, it takes lags for 1 second. Here is the error from bungeecord console: