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    [HELP] Cage System

    Im making a custom cage system with the format 3x3x3x3 (4 dimensions) I have done a code that works but its really extensive, anyone have idea of another method for do this? function testCage(p: player): set {_e} to location of {_p} set {_block} to ("20" parsed as itemtype) set...
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    Wipe tablist

    I want to know how i can wipe the tablist players using skript with 1.8 version
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    Had any get and post methods in Skript library or only with Java (skmirror) ?
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    Change Sky

    I remember a old syntax of change sky of a player to the end or nether or normal (day/night) but i can't find this anymore, ayone know this addon or this syntax?
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    tablist in order by ranks

    I use a own permission system what i had created with skript. Im using addons too, when i reffered im using only skript its skript + addons
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    tablist in order by ranks

    I want one by skript not with another plugins. I doesnt use any other plugins beyond skript.
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    tablist in order by ranks

    I had tried some old posts where in forum but doesnt know how start to do a tablist in order by ranks
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    check port status

    check if a port is open or not on selected IP
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    Dragon shoots fireball

    I want a skript for make dragons shoot fireball
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    Check if IP PORT is online

    For a API what im doing with skript and CloudFlare API for change IP of domain every 3 minutes and check heartbeat
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    Check if IP PORT is online

    Hello, its possible make a check to detect if a IP:PORT is opened/online ??
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    Its possible get the last day of a month on Skript?
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    Addon Skungee - The proxy addon for Skript

    Skungee messages is not working...
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    Addon ServerInstances

    I had some questions before buy. -> The servers auto delete when stopped? -> Its possible use custom .sh runnables? Like, add a command in bash for linux, for example, for remove some thing like a world -> Its possible do a MYSQL storage with status of server -> Any compatibility with screen...
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    Update This Script !

    I need someone for update this script: Its a old script from Skript Forums on bukkit. I don't know anymore the author of this, but i really need this working. Its like the Mineplex style of write words in blocks. Bump