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    minigame name fail

    so im trying t o make a minigame that players can join and i have some problems getting the player into my variable options: {event.players}: %{joined.event.players}% command /eventstart: trigger: teleport {event.players} to {event.respawn} command /eventjoin: trigger...
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    Solved If {variable} is not set: fail

    so im having a fail with this so If {Kills::%player%} is set to "<none>": set {Kills::%player%} to "&cYOU DONT HAVE ANY" [CODE] it says cant understand this event
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    Keep setting a § after

    That is skript socreboard
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    scoreboard help please help then you are a sk legend!!! options: max: 60 every 3 seconds: loop all players: set {_prefix:%loop-player%} to "%colored loop-player's prefix%" set {_ball} to "%loop-player's balance%" replace all...
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    Keep setting a § after

    So my animated scoreboard keep setting a "§" after its very annoying here is what it look like :( every 50 ticks: set {name} to "&9&lO" wait 50 ticks set {name} to "&a&lO" wait 50 ticks set {name} to "&4&lO"...
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    variable help im stupid

    pls i dont know how to get this variable to work set {Spiller} to player's name
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    drop party enchant fail

    i have no idea what that is
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    drop party enchant fail

    so in the bottom, you can see what I drop and this is a beacon drop/drop party script but I cant enchant the drops :( command /dpsstart: permission: beacon.drop permission message: Unknown command. Type "/help" for help. trigger: set {dp::start} to true send "Beacon...