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  1. LeStegii

    Vanilla Item Name

    Hey, im currently creating a custom enchantments Script without using Tuske and i'm having a problem. The problem is, that the tool doesn't have a name/display name, so it will be called "<none>". Is there any way i can fix this without manually checking the item and setting a name for it?
  2. LeStegii

    Custom Enchantments

    Oh, thats sad, is there any alternative?
  3. LeStegii

    Custom Enchantments

    Hello, im using Tuske to create Custom Enchantments and the won't work properly... Spigot: 1.12.2 Plugins: Tuske, Skript Skript: 2.4-alpha3 Tuske: 1.8.2-Pikachu-Patch-3 Problem: Everything works with no errors but it wont send the message "Glowing" (on damage event).