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  1. Kristian Rahbek

    Point skript with minigames

    Maybe use the format for scripts ;)
  2. Kristian Rahbek

    Prison Cell

    Can someone help me make a Prison Cell script? I have some commands i would like in it! :D /ce add {PLAYER} (Add a friend to your cell) /ce remove {PLAYER} (Remove a friend from your cell) /ce unrent (Unrents your cell) I would also like a place where you can see the cells that aren't rented :D...
  3. Kristian Rahbek

    Solved Not repeat

    Thank you both so much ;) It really helped me out ;)
  4. Kristian Rahbek

    Solved Not repeat

    So the thing is that i made a auto sell mining script. But the thing is that it spams whenever i mine a block (because i did so it would send you a message of the money you earned.) But the thing is that i only want the message sometimes. For example like whenever i mined 4 blocks it says that i...
  5. Kristian Rahbek

    Solved buy

    I've made a buy script, but whenever i say format slot 0 of player with glowing magenta dye named "&r" to be unstealable it says that i can't do glowing? I really need help please :D
  6. Kristian Rahbek

    Solved TAB LIST

    thank you very much
  7. Kristian Rahbek

    Solved TAB LIST

    Hey! So i want to make a server trying to only use the script plugins. So i need a tab list, but can't figure out making one? I do not need the name to be changed, but they line over the heads, like the "WukkitCraft" you can see on the picture! :D Example like this: I would really appreciate it
  8. Kristian Rahbek

    Spawn script

    Thank you very much! Its perfect
  9. Kristian Rahbek

    Spawn script

    Hello guys! :emoji_slight_smile: I really need a spawn script. Not just a simple one, but like when you move it cancels. I will be very happy if someone would like to make this for me. The teleportation, should take about 4 secounds. Thanks a lot!