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  1. J

    GUI for Spectate Players (and TP)

    Hello good, you see I have the error that when you click on the head of the player, it does not teleport to where it should, but it teleports to a player that is not but that is within that variable, but I I want to see another person but I get the person that I did not want to see, I do not...
  2. J

    help with sk reload

    You are using a old version of Skript.
  3. J

    help with sk reload

    console error?
  4. J

    Loops and format slor (GUI)

    Okay im using TusKe but i have errors. if text arg 1 is "managechestsitems": if size of {FortCraft.chests.default::*} is not 0: set {chestitems.itemsinslots} to 0 if size of {FortCraft.chests.default::*} <= 9: open...
  5. J

    Loops and format slor (GUI)

    Thanks, i will try that. Could you help me how i can set a gui? :P
  6. J

    Loops and format slor (GUI)

    Hi guys! I'm trying to do that with a command, you can see the items that you set before, in this case I made a command in which you can save your items in a variable and I want that through a command, loop that variable and show saved items, could you help me? Thank you if text arg 1...
  7. J

    skUtilities Reading, Writing and Deleting YAML

    How can i create a scoreboard configurable with this?
  8. J

    Loop Values

    Error: [15:36:21 ERROR]: loop-value-2 can't have anything added to it (, line 233: give 1 wooden sword named "&bEspada de Madera" with lore "&7Con esto tienes ya algo con que matar!" to loop-value-2') [15:36:21 ERROR]: loop-value-2 can't have anything added to it (, line...
  9. J


    Hi guys. I'm doing a UHC skript, and I'm using WorldBorder, but I have a question. How do I make the border automatically close without having to set a configuration? something like an Automatic UHC.
  10. J

    YAML errors

    1.8.8 Java 2 Java 8*
  11. J

    YAML errors

  12. J

    How can i give player a item in a slot?

    try use set slot {slot} of player to {item} named "&6&lKit & Inställningar" with lore "&7Välj kit och inställningar"
  13. J

    YAML errors

    Hi guys, I'm currently trying to make my skript create a "config.yml" Technically I have everything done but I do not know how to make it possible to edit a configuration (True / False) that is editable through what I said before. I do not know how to use the YML theme, that's why I come to ask...