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  1. J

    Script Trading

    shift + right click trade: on right click on entity: if entity is a player: player is sneaking if {trading::temp::player::%event-player%::request} isn't set: if {trading::temp::player::%event-entity%::request} isn't set: execute event-player...
  2. J

    Solved Adding certain amount of certain enchantment to a weapon.

    Hi. How to add a certain amount of a enchantment to a tool? Like adding 2 of sharpness to a tool which has 10 would result in it having 12 sharpness. Or adding smite exactly like i said. Can anyone help?
  3. J

    Solved Weird "identation" errors

    you mean spaces by these arrows or blue dots? And also how many spaces? ._.
  4. J

    Solved Weird "identation" errors

    well but could you tell me how to change these lines? The errors dont tell me much :/
  5. J

    Solved Weird "identation" errors

    but you realize i really need help its just a few lines not a hundred
  6. J

    Solved Weird "identation" errors

    excuse me, but could you send me the right spaced code?.. im too lazy to find out about where, and how to do it :/
  7. J

    Solved Weird "identation" errors

    Hi, I am getting these identation errors, although it didn't happen recently. is the code 159,160,161,162,163,164,165,166,167,168,169,170,171,172 are the lines which give me these errors. I can't really give the specific errors because then I'd have to type it out...