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  1. J

    why is this not working?

    Could someone tell me why this is not working: command /scoreboard: trigger: display board named "&c[&bSTATS&c]" to player make score of "&cDeine Tode: " in board of player to {death.%player%} make score of "&aDeine Kills: " in board of player to {kills.%player%}...
  2. J

    why is this not working?

    so i have a skript that has a command that sets a time variable to a int, and everysecond if an other variable is true, it adds 1 to a timepast variable, and if the timepast varible is more or equal to the time variable it should kick all players and after 2 seconds shutdown the server, i put...
  3. J

    give item specified time

    i have a command with 2 arguments (command /item [<Text>] [<Int>]) and i want to give the player arg 1 arg 2 times. like /item diamond 60, this would give me 60 diamonds. how is that possible?
  4. J

    Running sound on inventory open

    Could someone show me how to play a sound when someone opens his inventory. i tried this code but it didnt work: on inventory open: play "block chest open" at event-player i says that there is not player in an inventory open event
  5. J

    How can i check if an player inventory contains an item from a list

    hello, i have a list called {items} and i want to do a function that checks if the player has one of the items in his inventory if yes remove the items.
  6. J

    Could someone Help Me Skript A signshop? URGENT

    Hello, is there anybody that could help me skript a signshop skript? please i need that for my server.
  7. J

    Daily Money

    Hello, i have coded a money system. but i want to make a function that gives a player money for his daily join. so the first join he does on a day will reward him with money. Is that possible? if yes how?
  8. J

    Solved Getting the Player rank from PEX

    How can i get the player rank or prefix from permissionsex, please tell me.
  9. J

    Solved Help With Lists

    Hello, i have a command which can add text to a list. but how do i check if the text isnt in the list?
  10. J

    Solved Help With Signs

    Hello, I am trying to code a skript, which checks if the player places a sign, if line 2 is one of a list. Thinks I Need: A command To Add Something To The List {server} And A check function for the signs, if line 2 is equal to one of the list. example: i add the text "test1" and "test2" to the...