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  1. J

    Skript Walked Distance

    How can I get the player statistics in a skript? For example: Distance Walked, Distance Sprinted.
  2. J

    ?UltraLobby? [Auto Spawn, Per World and 100% Configurable!]

    For questions & bugs: DM me This plugin is free and fully customizable! You have to use 'Skript' to run this plugin. Support MultiWorld There are no ranks and scoreboards implemented into this plugin. Feel free to use any other plugin for ranks and scoreboards. Also check out my other resources...
  3. J

    Write Variables in .yml file

    It doesn't work, I want that the plugin writes variable:% loop-player%, in the scoreboard.yml file
  4. J

    Write Variables in .yml file

    I want to write variables (%loop-player%) to a .yml file. I have made this script: on load: ...wait 2 seconds ...if file "plugins/ProDuels/scoreboard.yml" doesn't exists: .........create file "plugins/ProDuels/scoreboard.yml" "line 3: '&3» &7&lNick &c%loop-player%'" to...
  5. J

    Skript Config File

    I can't download an update for my Duels plugin, how can i fix this? This is my code: Command /1vs1: ------trigger: -----------else if arg 1 is "update": ----------------download from ""...
  6. J

    Skript Config File

    How can i write in a file?
  7. J

    Skript Config File

    I have a problem with my plugin this is the code: on load: - if folder "plugins/AutoAfkHypixel" doesn't exists: - create folder "plugins/AutoAfkHypixel" if file "plugins/AutoAfkHypixel/config.yml" doesn't exists: - wait 1 tick - create file...