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    problem with a line

    Try command /cmd: trigger: open virtual chest inventory with size 3 named "test" to player if {%player%_var} is 1: format gui slot 1 of player with stone named "stone" to run [set {%player%_var2} to "test"]
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    Yaw not working.

    Hello, I have a large piece of code, but the problem lies in trying to set the yaw. And yes, only the yaw. Pitch works fine. set {location} to loop-value set yaw of {location} to {yaw::%loop-index%} set pitch of {location} to {pitch::%loop-index%} teleport player to {location} broadcast...
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    Skunity not working

    I have the same issue but with an different error, as shown in the picture below. Hope this can be fixed.