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  1. Islam1705

    Script ankaEssentials - perfomance update

    perfomance update
  2. Islam1705

    Script ankaEssentials - Code Optimized

    thanks to lotzy for helping to optimize the resource and fix several bugs. replaced many variables with %uuid of player%
  3. Islam1705

    Script ankaEssentials - global update

    global update
  4. Islam1705

    Script ankaEssentials - New Commands

    read at overview
  5. Islam1705

    Script ankaEssentials - New Commands

    read at overview
  6. Islam1705

    Script ankaEssentials REL4.5

    About ⇒ Skript available on 1.15+ ⇒ This is a big remade of essentials in skript. ⇒ Skript requires a few addons. Required addons: (Clickable) ⇪ Skript 2.6+ ⇪ sk-reflect ⇪ SkCrew Before you start {!} replace one line in plugins/Skript/ : (located at the end of the file) default...
  7. Islam1705

    Script ankaEssentials - New commands

    read at overview
  8. Islam1705


    Improved script required for the server, great functionality [BETA] [WARNING] Required addons: SkQuery,Skript-Placeholders ----------------------- ANKA-CORE: Commands: /gm 0/1/2/3 <player> (perm:, anka.gmothers) (+cooldown) /bc <text> (perm: anka.bc) (+cooldown) /rename <name> (perm...