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    Skript Command Not Working

    i see some problems, you need to do: loop player's inventory: if loop-value is contained with 15 diamonds: #my code is probably not right. try searching it or something
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    Help with Skript open Gui clicking a entity

    glad i could help!
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    I need a skript

    Here ya go! on join: add 1 to {queue} every 1 second: if {queue} is equal to 2: broadcast "worked" on quit: subtract 1 from {queue}
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    Help with Skript open Gui clicking a entity

    I see many problems here, Let me try fixing it, and explaining how it works... I suggest you not use the Skript-GUI addon or tuske, but use the good ol' vannila one. here's my skript: on right click on armor stand: if entity's name is "gunshop": set metadata "gunshop" of player to...