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    Solved Help With on right click:

    on place: cancel event if player's tool is tnt named "name": set player's tool to air set {_loc} to location of event-block #if this line dont work use event-place wait 1 seconds spawn 9 tnt at {_loc}
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    can`t understand this event

    if location at player is {x}: and you need to set your specified location to variable {x}
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    Remove item with specific lore

    on death: cancel event: loop player's inventory: if lore of loop-value is "can lose": remove loop-value from player's inventory kill player with all spaces required
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    i have a problem with pathfinder!

    i downloaded skbee and this happend with your code
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    i have a problem with pathfinder!

    Hi i have trobles with pathfind function from skquery! i maded command what summon entity and make's entity walk to the defined by another command point. When i use this command it sends to me on chat: "An interral error occured while attempting to perform this command!" what i need to fix it...