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  1. Harvey


    Wrong section. Post this here:
  2. Harvey

    Harvey's Skripting Service (Very Active)

    Welcome to my post! About me: You may know me as Harveeey in Minecraft and other communities. I'm 16 years old, currently in school education, and come from the UK. I've been using skript since I was 13 when I was bored one day 3 years ago and decided to learn it. It was my first language I...
  3. Harvey

    Dragon shoots fireball

    How old do you think we are? We aren't big kids yet we need to be spoon fed everything.
  4. Harvey

    block break event with custom block

    Oh, yeah I made a mistake didn't realise you was asking why it wasn't cancelling the event if the name and lore wasn't correct. It's late and totally my fault. Explanation on why it doesn't work: You missed the "cancel event" bit from line 19 on. You only included a "stop" meaning it just...
  5. Harvey

    block break event with custom block

    I replied to your discord message just going to paste it here: Seems to be working fine for me, except I just replaced the block you are using to dirt as I'm running 1.8 skript. In this case it might be the block you are using I'd recommend changing the block and seeing if it still does the same.
  6. Harvey


    loop 69 times: message "S"
  7. Harvey

    Solved How can i check a sword

    Hello, this is how you check if players item is a sword: if player's tool is sword: Not sure what you mean on the armour enquiry. Can you please explain further?
  8. Harvey

    Solved Giving item and lore

    The player gets the item with the lore, it's in the same line of code. There is not a way to avoid getting the lore on the item.
  9. Harvey

    Solved Giving item and lore

    That's no different to what I gave him.
  10. Harvey

    Solved Giving item and lore

    Tbh at this point I don't know what you are talking about. You asked for "Is there a way to give a player a item and give the given item a lore?" and I have literally spoon fed it too you. What more can I give you. If you want the player to get more items add them below in the same format. If...
  11. Harvey

    Solved Giving item and lore

    Here: command /dirt: trigger: give a dirt with lore "test" to player
  12. Harvey

    Solved Giving item and lore

    Hey, of course there is here is the code: set line 1 of the lore of player's tool to "test" Sorry, just pulled the line from one of my skripts, changed it just in case.
  13. Harvey

    Solved Stop players from dropping items and taket out of inventory

    I don't understand what you mean by this, so I am going to give you what I think you mean. on drop: cancel event message "&cYou cannot drop items!" on inventory click: cancel event message "&cYou cannot move or take items out of your inventory!"
  14. Harvey

    detect skript command "on command event"

    Do you mean when you do /help it shows commands defined by your custom skripts?
  15. Harvey

    Help with putting items in chest

    This isn't the right sections if you want to request a skript to be made post it here: