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  1. Hakim

    Addon [Deleted] SkVault (Skript Economy Registerer)

    Understandable, thank you.
  2. Hakim

    Addon [Deleted] SkVault (Skript Economy Registerer)

    Im using Fe right now so problem resolved, anyways just wondering do you help 1.8 users then? also "Version 1.2 - Fixed error when using older Skript versions"
  3. Hakim

    Addon [Deleted] SkVault (Skript Economy Registerer)

    I don't think so according to the error but maybe.
  4. Hakim

    Addon [Deleted] SkVault (Skript Economy Registerer)

    Shit totally forgot about this Skript - Fixes V8 SkVault - 1.2 Vault - 1.5.6-b49 Server - Paperspigot 1.7
  5. Hakim

    Addon [Deleted] SkVault (Skript Economy Registerer)

    java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: EconomyNameRequest uhhh can't load other plugins requiring economy on vault economy name request: return "CC" i assume this is cause the skript isn't loaded yet maybe add a default value?
  6. Hakim

    Script Scenarios - Added Entropy

    - Added Entropy as a scenario. - Fixed forgot to delete Moles variable on server close.
  7. Hakim

    Script Scenarios - Added Webcage and a few other fixes

    Added the scenario webcage - A sphere of cobwebs spawns around a player's death location. Fixes - The LootCrates now wont still be giving crates even though you turned off the scenario
  8. Hakim

    Script Scenarios - Moles Fix

    Moles - Fixed crashing - Now offline players cant be moles
  9. Hakim

    Script Scenarios

    Hakim submitted a new resource: Scenarios - Totally original scenarios skript Read more about this resource...
  10. Hakim

    Script Scenarios 1.3

    Classic scenarios skript for 1.7/1.8 done right(possibly). Halo my name is Hakim i made this skript that im not using anymore so i thought why not put it on sell for anyone to use even if its 1.50$(still a lot). ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ why not Requirements: Some requirements are of course needed since its...
  11. Hakim

    Any way to remove recipes?

    No its more like i want the recipe to be replaced instead of it being not do-able at all.
  12. Hakim

    Any way to remove recipes?

    Theres ways to add recipes but theres no way to remove/replace an original recipe. Any ideas?
  13. Hakim

    Addon TuSKe - Custom Enchantments, GUI Manager and more!

    Hey man it seems the unstealable isnt working for me if arg-1 is not set: open virtual chest inventory with size 4 named "&c&lUHC Config" to player wait 5 tick create a gui slot 4 of player with sign named "&6&lMatch Info" with lore "&3Match Name &7»...