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  1. Frey

    Script Reputation - Updated /repset and added aliases for "positive" and "negative"

    Sup guys! Sorry this took awhile to push out, I was busy these past couple weeks. CHANGES: - Updated /repset. /repset <username> <rep type> <rep amount. Leave blank for 0> - Added aliases for "positive" (+) and negative (-).
  2. Frey

    Script Reputation

    Frey submitted a new resource: Reputation - Let your players give each other Reputation Read more about this resource...
  3. Frey

    Script Reputation 1.1

    This Script allows your players to give each other rep. They can give 3 types of rep: Positive, Negative, and Neutral. Players can only give 1 rep. Once given it can not be changed. COMMANDS: Player Commands: /rep help /rep give <player> <Positive,Negative,Neutral> /rep check Admin Commands...
  4. Frey

    Script Russian Roulette

    Frey submitted a new resource: Russian Roulette - A fun add-on to keep your players entertained and give out prizes. Read more about this resource...
  5. Frey

    Script Russian Roulette 1.0

    Russian Roulette is a Skript to entertain your players! It is a game of chance and rewards the last player standing with your custom prizes (I have prizes already set but you can add or change them!). Commands: /rr (join,leave,check) Permissions: None (You can add your own...