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    How to make a Queue for a duel skript?

    Ok. Thanks
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    Addon for WorldGuard

    I have seen these addons, but I need to create a region with it and these do not do this thing
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    Addon for WorldGuard

    Hi all, I wanted to know if there is an addon that supports both WorldEdit and Worldguard? Thanks for the help. P.s: Sorry for my English.
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    How to make a Queue for a duel skript?

    Hi all, I am currently creating a skript for the duels and wanted to know how I could create a queue and if you could give me an example. Thanks for the help :emoji_wink: P. S: Sorry for my English
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    Solved Problem with a skript

    Hi all, as per Title, I have a problem with this little skript that simply adds a variable every second ,but it doesn't work. On join: set {Online.%player%} to "true" every 1 second: loop all players: Loop-player's world is "{@world1}" and "{@world2}" and "{@world3}" and...
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    Get a variable from placeholderapi

    Hi all, as per Title I wanted to ask you how to get a variable from the placeholderapi. I know that the expression of the Umbaska It just doesn't work. My minecraft version: 1.8.8 My scripts version: Dev27 Sorry for my bad english
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    player online time help

    Hi all, as per Title I created this little scripts that after some minutes that the player is online it sends you a message. I just don't know how to do it. Can someone help me? I tried to do this scripts using the expression of the addon Tuske player 's online time but it does not work. This...
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    Simple stopwatch

    Hi all, I created this simple stopwatch and I had come a doubt regarding whether it could cause lag to the server and if there is a better way to create it. This is the code: On skript load: set {time} to 0 command /stopwatch [<text>]: trigger: if arg-1 is "start": set...
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    Category: Suggested name: test What I want: Hi, I would like a hologram to appear in front of the player and after a few seconds disappear. I read docs but did not find the solution. Can someone help me? My skript version : minecraft 1.8.8 / dev27 Ideas for commands: /test Ideas for...