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    Using Text Variable As A Executed Player

    I think you can do: on death of player: broadcast "%attacker%" if {bounty.%victim's uuid%} is not 0: if attacker is a player: broadcast "%attacker%" #set {victimsattacker} to {lastdamager.%victim's uuid%} (You don't need that) set {bounty.%victim's uuid%} to 0 add {bounty.%victim's uuid%} to...
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    Using Text Variable As A Executed Player

    do it without the "{}" only %player% or %victim%
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    Skript Region without using Worldguard

    Hello i wanna protect a specific region but don't want to use Worldguard is there a way to do it with Skript only Thx for everyone's help
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    Change Armor stand arms

    Hello I want to change the arms of my armor stand but I don't know how every 3 second: loop all armor stand: loop all offline players: if {minion.%loop-value-2's uuid%} is set: set {minion.%loop-value-2's uuid%} to nbt compound from...