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  1. CyberedCake

    Solved Ping packet had no response

    How did you fix it? I don't see any responses but it's marked as solved. I really need to figure this out...
  2. CyberedCake

    Help With Tab List

    --> Sorry if this is bad, it's like my first or second time posting to SkUnity! <-- Skript Version: Skript v2.4.1 Skript Author: Bensku Minecraft Version: 1.15.2 PaperSpigot Code for Tablist: on join: set tab header to "&7&lMy header - Example" and footer to "&7&lMy footer - Example" for...
  3. CyberedCake

    Addon AdvancementsAddon

    I know this is two years old, but I have an issue and don't know where else to put it (I'm still fairly new SkUnity) I have this issue where when I put %event-advancement% in a broadcast message it prints out this:(Look at the green text) And when I put %event-key% it prints out this: (Again...