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  1. BuzzTheGamer23

    Solved Creating Custom Worlds

    This is a script someone made to do this Multiverse is a whole lot better because Skript is very limited compared to Java, but if you want it with Skript, here you go I guess. It can’t make the custom worlds, but it can make worlds.
  2. BuzzTheGamer23

    Item Generator

    But then if this is a server that allows this, they can rename a paper to $1 and abuse it, I would recommend making it named &a$1 (or any color, can also be <(the color you want)>$1), since you can’t do colored chat in anvils
  3. BuzzTheGamer23

    Solved Facsk not working

    Oh, he meant uuid. Ok, thanks!
  4. BuzzTheGamer23

    Solved Facsk not working

    I just realized my mistake. I used the wrong variable. I did {} instead of {%player%.player}. Also, how do I do the user id thing @TheCringleYT? Is it just %user id% (or user id when not not doing it when executing a cmd/in a var)?
  5. BuzzTheGamer23

    Solved Facsk not working

    I am trying to recreate the FactionChat plugin for 1.14 using Skript and Facsk, but when ever I run the command, even if I am in a faction, it says I am not in any faction. I most likely have the wrong method of getting the player's faction. Here is the part of it that get's their faction and...