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  1. BryHunter

    Solved Skript Math isn't working

    Oh my Your a genius thank you so much! I did indeed have it registered as a [<text>] changed to [<integer>] works perfect now <3
  2. BryHunter

    Solved Skript Math isn't working

    So I am trying to setup do the following equation, {Test::%player%} can be upgraded and defined to anything in the system I am making but for this example I am going to say it is 100. So the equation should be returning 3 but it keeps returning 1? Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong here...
  3. BryHunter

    Multiple Homes List "<None>"

    Okay so my whole home system is down below and it works other than the fact that whenever I add a second or third home it always adds "<none>" with it... I can't seem to figure out why any help would be great :emoji_grinning: command /sethome [<text>]: trigger: if arg 1 is not...
  4. BryHunter

    Mob Towers

    Is there a way I can make it so a newly spawned mob will not attack a player if a specific variable is set to true for that player?
  5. BryHunter

    Getting the center of a chunk?

    Is there a way in which I can get the center of a chunk that I am in?
  6. BryHunter

    Explosions on specific player blocks

    on block place: If lore of player's tool is "&r ||&8&l> &7Player Block": set {blockplace::%event-location%} to player set action bar of player to "&4[PlayerBlocks] &7Block placed successfully" Alrighty so i am trying to make it so when players place a block that block...
  7. BryHunter


    on explode: loop exploded blocks: if {blockplace::%location of loop-block%} is set: if loop-block is glass: if {explosion::%loop-block%} is not set: cancel event set {explosion::%loop-block%} to 1...
  8. BryHunter

    Solved I am having issues getting chances to run how I would like

    Hello, I would first like to thank you for taking the time to take a look at this fourm and providing a possible answer. I am having issues using chances how I would like to, I am trying to make it so something will 100% happen when you run a command but if the chance is lets say 60% the main...
  9. BryHunter

    Request [Block manipulation]

    So I basically just need an example of how this would be done so I can make a few abilities with block manipulation. What I need: I need an example of how you would create a ring of blocks around a player then the blocks would shoot outward in a cylinder formation for a total of an 8 block...
  10. BryHunter

    Double Jump Skript o:

    send you code
  11. BryHunter

    skript problem

    Just setup an on join event where if their variable is not set then set it to 0 ill give you an example for seconds on join: if {second::%player%} is not set: set {second::%player%} to 0 You will do this for all your variables too
  12. BryHunter

    Double Jump Skript o:

    yes this is possible just add if "%region at player%" contains "Region Name Here": **Then what happens**
  13. BryHunter

    Equip player with enchanted armor

    You can use this it works for me set player's helmet to chainmail helmet of unbreaking 1
  14. BryHunter

    GUI help

    How would I create a gui that when a player clicks on an item it opens another gui. Currently when I try the second gui does not work correct, and I tried to use tuske but it does not seem to be working at all
  15. BryHunter

    Help with jail

    How would I do that because I tried to do that the first time and it would not let the player type in a time span :/