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    I need autolapis skript Open enchantmenttable and there is lapis
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    I need skript that does the following. When you open a enchantementtable there is 64x lapis lazuli waiting for you there. You can't move them or take them. Only use them. Hello any help
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    Solved PvP TempDisabler

    It's working but in reverse. It's making the arg-1 in the command unable to get hit and can hit. I want it to make the arg-1 unable to hit but is able to get hit Like when I type /disablepvp Brinnare, it gives god mode to Brinnare and he can hit others Like when I type /disablepvp Brinnare, it...
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    Solved PvP TempDisabler

    I want a skript that disables pvp for a certain player for a certain amount of seconds. Like the player that was mentioned will not be able to hit anyone that's what I mean, but can get hit. Like a command /StopHitEventForPlayer [player] [seconds]