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  1. BluePenguin_Won

    Shoot trident with loyalty 3

    make player shoot trident of loyalty 3 i want to shoot trident with loyalty 3 enchantment, but it doesn't works.
  2. BluePenguin_Won

    Sell skript

    command /sell: trigger: if player have diamond: set {_i} to 0 set {_e} to 0 loop all items in the inventory of player: if loop-item is diamond: if loop-item's name is not set: set {_c} to...
  3. BluePenguin_Won

    Solved Multishot bow

    Category: projectile Suggested name: Multishot bow Spigot/Skript Version: 2.6.4 What I want: If i right click with bow named "&bMultishot Bow", it shoots 3 arrows: 1 is at 315⁰ degrees of player, 1 is at 0⁰ degrees of player, and last 1 is at 45⁰ degrees of player, like Multishot enchantment...
  4. BluePenguin_Won

    lightning effect

    hello! I just want to make a lightning effect with no sound. I used these two codes, and both of them had sound. #CODE 1 strike lightning effect at the player #CODE 2 strike fake fake lightning at player can you help me? (I don't want to remove every thunder sound, just some thunder I made with...
  5. BluePenguin_Won

    Changing arrow damage

    I want to make my bow to shoot arrow at custom damage. here's my code: on rightclick holding bow: if name of player's tool contains "&bStrong bow": cancel event make player shoot an arrow at damage 15 But skript says there is no condition/effect pls help
  6. BluePenguin_Won

    a weapon that kills creative mode too.

    Thank you but It's error at line 1, It says use "on damage:" instead of "on leftclick on entity"
  7. BluePenguin_Won

    a weapon that kills creative mode too.

    Hi! I'm making an axe that can kill creative mode players by left-clicking them, too. So I used "on leftclick on entity:" and it says to use "on damage:" instead. But hitting creative player does not cause damage, so It's useless. Here is my code: on rightclick on entity: if player is...
  8. BluePenguin_Won

    Solved sorting skript..

    It counts 1 slot to 1 item. It means skript counts 1 stack of item to 1. I want to make it to count 1 stack of item to 64.
  9. BluePenguin_Won

    Solved sorting skript..

    Thank you, but sorry I don't know good at the loop. I am writing code to sell raw iron, so I created a variable named "{_i}" in the function and assigned it raw iron. What exactly do I put in {_items::*} to make it only delete raw irons without lore?
  10. BluePenguin_Won

    Solved sorting skript..

    Thanks! Sorry but can you make me a code that count it and remove item with no lore too, please?
  11. BluePenguin_Won

    Minecraft Team prefix doesn't appear

    Hi, I use Minecraft team commands for player's prefix. But it doesn't appear because of the skript. (I removed the plugin, and it worked normally.) Why did this bug happen?
  12. BluePenguin_Won

    Sell skript

    That's a Item I made (custom item)
  13. BluePenguin_Won

    Solved sorting skript..

    Hello, I'm making a sorting skript for my market. I want to sort items with no lore and count them. What can I do?
  14. BluePenguin_Won

    Join and leave message

    Use this code: on join: set join message to "&a[&a&l+&a] %player%" stop on quit: set quit message to "&6[&4&l-&6] %player%" stop
  15. BluePenguin_Won

    Sell skript

    Hello, I'm making a sell skript. I want to sell raw iron for 10 coins, but there is a problem... But I made a 'clay chunk' with raw iron item, but skript counts clay chunk, too. I want to make the skript to sort raw iron and clay chunk. What can I do?