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    Solved Votekick Skript not working (stopvote command)

    uh I tried it it... doesnt work lmao
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    auto gens

    UH can u write that? I am interested as well.
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    Solved Punishment GUI

    Lmao indent this
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    Chat Manager

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    Chat Options

    Skript is where now?
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    Gui in gui..?

    Aye I like this skript alot but can u make one with perm banning, temp banning ya know that good stuff
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    Item Generator

    I am interested in this as well but is there a way to make the paper ACTUALLY pay u the money but after wards the paper dissapears.. like 1 time us of each paper but.. then if it is like 36 or something and each is 1 it adds 36.. but doesn't all of them disappear cuz they were stacked...
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    GUI's and more with Skript? Help Please.

    Hello I would like to know if somebody can help me out... all I need is a simple shop GUI (that can be customizable) and a thing where I can pick up a block with right clicking (that also has a GUI I can pick up with) the reason I need to pickup certain blocks like that is because I have a gen...