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    Gens skrip not working

    Here is my Gen Skript supper easy to work! @2xiaoben options: world: gens # What world generators will be used in prefix: &b&lGENS &8• &3 Delay: 5 seconds #How many seconds you would like the drops to take to spawn c: &3 c1: &b primary: &b on tab complete of "/gens" or...
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    Delete redstone dust and redstone block from player's inventory

    Please help I am trying to find out a way to delete all redstone blocks and redstone dust from players inventories. on item pickup: if event-item = redstone dust: remove all redstone dust from player's inventory
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    Gens Skript

    Category: gens Suggested name: gens What I want: A skript that when u place a hay bale it spawns 1 wheat above the block every 80 ticks only when the player is online and when you place a dried kelp block it spawns dried kelp every 80 seconds when the player is online. Ideas for commands...