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    Why do the spaces between lines not work?

    Ayo why does this line only work on parts of the scoreboard? (set score "" in sidebar of loop-player to x) This is supposed to generate a space between lines, but it only works once out of the three lines of spaces I have.
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    Spectator showing up as "not an entity type"

    Alright so my problem is that when running this code ``loop all players: if loop-player's world is "world": if gamemode of loop-player is spectator: add loop-player to {_random::*} set {_player} to random element out of {_random::*}...
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    I need help with my code!

    I am trying to make a combatlog script for my server. I managed to do the combatlogging part but I wanted to make a command which you can disable/enable logging for people with the right permission and thats the part that i need help with. on damage of player: attacker is a player if...
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    PlaceholderAPI not working!

    When I use the placeholder %player_name% or any other one instead of showing the players name it just shows the raw text (%player_name%).