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    I have serching everywhere, I cannot find how to do particles, any help pls?
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    Solved save and load a structure

    Hi, how do I save and loud a structure? I have a code without errors but it doesn't work command /loc1: permission: op trigger: set {loc} to player's location command /loc2: permission: op trigger: set {loc2} to player's location command...
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    Solved increase damage by %

    Hi, I can't manage to increase damage by %. anyone can help? on damage: increase damage by ({combat::%player%} *2)%
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    Solved add stats when player is holding an item

    Hello, I've been trying to make a stats sistem but I can't do it. on item hold: if player is holding a wooden sword named "Wooden Katana": add 5 to {damage} it work but when the player is changing the item he keeps the damage stat. any ideas how I can fix it?
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    Solved remove variable of block?

    on place of hay block: set {_wheat} to event block on break of hay block: remove {_wheat} the 'remove' don't work
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    Solved remove variable of block?

    Im trying for like 2 days and can't do it. how do I remove variable of block?
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    Solved mob max health

    how do I set mob max health? this code doesn't work for me command /skeleton: trigger: spawn a skeleton with 100 health
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    Solved How to add arg 1 to your money amount?

    It let me do it, but dont add the money to the player account
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    Solved How to add arg 1 to your money amount?

    Hello! Im trying to create a comand that gives the player money. But it's saying arg 1 iant a solid number. How can I fix this? command / mrbeast <number>: permission:op trigger: if arg 1 is a number: add %arg-1% to player's balance send "&C%arg-1%$ &4...