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  1. Skript Challenge - Winners

    Was one of the Winners of any Skript Challenge

    1. Skript Challenge - Winners

      Was one of the Winners for any Skript Challenge

  2. Appreciation

    Medals which are given to show appreciation for a member

    1. GFX Contributor

      User has contributed a graphic to skUnity or a related service.

    2. Code Creator

      Has created/programmed something for skUnity or related services.

    3. Donated Materials

      Has donated some materials to skUnity

    4. VIP+

      Donated to get VIP+

  3. Donation Targets

    Custom medal awarded for helping contribute towards a Donation Target

    1. Donation Target: Premium Resources & Attachment Saving

      Contributed towards the Premium Resources & Attachment Saving Donation Target

  4. Advent of skUnity Challenge Winner

    Won a challenge of any Advent of skUnity!

    1. Advent of skUnity Challenge Winner - 2018

      Won a challenge in Advent of skUnity 2018!