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New Profile Posts

  1. DerpyTurtlez
    DerpyTurtlez BaeFell
    no one really commented on here so ill be the first. as of 2022! :) Thanks for approving my resources much luv <3 <3
    1. BaeFell likes this.
  2. DerpyTurtlez
    Hey are you a noob at skript??
  3. QmanRocks
    in a corner probably crying cause skript doesnt work with papi
  4. Levah
  5. Embry_
    Foxes are great.
  6. Ziwox
    Ziwox pesekjan
    can you add the /workbench command to open the fancycrafting table
    1. pesekjan
      The script has a pretty nice, easy to understand, set of functions. If you want to open the workbench, use the function: openWorkbench(player)
      Dec 29, 2021
  7. jigglemytesties
    Tracing harry potters grave!
  8. Buster Bluth
    Buster Bluth
    Currently single and looking to mingle ;0
  9. momento
    hic et nunc
  10. Skyhits
    Skyhits Pikachu
    Tuske gui no longer working
  11. Skyhits
    Skyhits Pikachu
    Pika, tuske gui no longer working :/
  12. SithPanda
    looking for information on respawn anchors and the on respawn event :/
  13. EndxrMqn_
  14. Space_Thralll
    Pro Skripter?
  15. NateOnCaprisun
    Im making a closet skript but everytime i put something in my closet exactly the same appears in the other closet
  16. PsekA_F
  17. petabyte
  18. AgentGamerPro
  19. cxrby_da_skripter
    how tf do i post a skript help thing help me
    1. Minecoll_YT
  20. LilyBaka
    Hello, my name is Lily!