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New Profile Posts

  1. Sumpfer
    Ich Skripte Plugins!
  2. RockFantasy
  3. Xevryll
    Java > Skript. Argue.
  4. Timber
    Hello! I am a self taught skript writer, who is selling my work to those who need it. Thanks for visiting my page c:
  5. Ayham Alali
    Ayham Alali
    OPG4MERS is offline till I finish my last year at school :)
  6. UnscriptedCode
    This account is deprecated. I'm now using my new account: tobimori
  7. Riknesh
    More skripts coming soon...currently busy with other stuffs
  8. Alexlew
    Alexlew Arno
    Hey ! Welcome on skunti's forum x)
  9. W
  10. quzeyyy
    quzeyyy Vanityra
    Hey Ju könntest du mir helfen? Und zwar will ich wissen, wie ich z.B. ein Schwert unzerstörbar mache. (Also vong der Item-Haltbarkeit her)
    1. ChisleLP
      on damage:
      repair attacker's tool
      Nov 11, 2017
      quzeyyy likes this.
    2. quzeyyy
      Nov 11, 2017
    3. Vanityra
      1. Bitte kein "vong [...] her", danke...
      2. NBT Tag "Unbreakable" (wie das geht, einfach in den docs schauen)
      Nov 13, 2017
  11. k
    kirbyno1 LimeGlass
    Hello, LimeGlass.

    In MIDI playback of "SkQuery-fork" you developed, the name of the sound is different, so 1.8 server will not play properly.

    Please correct it.
    1. View previous comments...
    2. k
      thank you for your answer.

      The original SkQuery does not use it because it does not have the function to stop midi playback, the tempo, and the playback from WEB.

      Since I can not create a plug-in, is it OK to ask creation?
      Nov 10, 2017
    3. LimeGlass
      I don't plan on supporting 1.8 with my SkQuery build as it was intended for 1.9+

      I will be remaking the MIDI system to support it better though, I might make it into it's own addon maybe.
      Nov 11, 2017
      kirbyno1 likes this.
    4. k
      Please let me know when the add-on is completed :D
      Nov 11, 2017
  12. Sashie
    Working on things and stuff
    1. itismejoey likes this.
  13. AddictedGamer_00
  14. WheezyGold7931
    WheezyGold7931 Sam
    There are no posts here so I'll make one.

  15. WheezyGold7931
    Staff of the Resources
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  16. Sam
    Sam AddictedGamer_00
    Congrats :)
    1. AddictedGamer_00 likes this.
  17. j
    jellz jdogduffy
    1. jdogduffy
      Nov 2, 2017
  18. G
    Currently at work.. bored as front end developer (website developer)
  19. WheezyGold7931
    1. BaeFell likes this.
  20. W
    WiebeHero SeltixSub
    Addon? What addon? And maybe can you show the code?
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