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  1. lotzy
  2. okbima
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  3. ninelivesmatter
    still learning
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  5. eult
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  6. lotzy
  7. IndischerKoch
    IndischerKoch LimeGlass
    Questions about Skungee.

    1. What can I put into the "scripts" folder on the proxy server?
    2. Conditions like "if server '' is online" does not work for me.
    3. Can the other paper server read the script from my lobby server?
    I installed Skungee on Velocity, and 2 Paper servers. And all bound to the same port.
  8. TBX3D
    TBX3D ShaneBee
    they really need to revive the forums
  9. Sandy Smith
    Sandy Smith
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  10. JustMeGaming1
    JustMeGaming1 AROD2003
    Can you add

    Command /warp list

    to the warp skript please
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  13. BridgerSilk
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  14. Mayas Hummer
  15. Mayas Hummer
  16. Alfri
    Alfri Chuckins
    You know me
  17. Jake*
    Lusk 1.0.2 is out!
  18. HiImMaro
  19. kas138
  20. kas138