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New Profile Posts

  1. A
    AKRODOGY ShaneBee
    hey, you can help me with something?
  2. Eejayy
    Eejayy LimeGlass
    Hey there, love your skQuery fork, is there by any chance a new way to format slots in a GUI, if GUIs are even supported?
    1. LimeGlass
      Just the old format slot system is present in it, same as other SkQuery's.
      Jul 9, 2018
    2. Eejayy
      oh ok, i'll go over my code and see if there's anything else i did wrong then
      Jul 10, 2018
  3. KrswtkhrSK
    sonna otona syuusei site yaru !
  4. FinalPlayer024
    I'm not Final, I swear, really
  5. G
    Guruflex GlacialDew
    i would like to help with your Custom Ores if that sounds good with you i going to have it generate in a new world and have some stuff you can craft from it if this sounds good to you then let me know and i will share it with you
  6. Amicus
    SKUnity, I love you.
  7. bombrider130
    bombrider130 MusicManSK
    This guy helped me a lot is the best!
  8. jomjonejame
    jomjonejame Snow-Pyon
  9. Weefle
    Weefle LimeGlass
    I have an error with ServerInstances.
    Could you accept my friend request on Discord?
    1. LimeGlass
      Done, but you could also private message me on Spigot or SkUnity as well.
      May 26, 2018
  10. R
    Runakai1 ShaneBee
    Hello It's me and I LOVE yo- Pizza. :)
    1. ShaneBee likes this.
  11. K
    Java its good, Skripting its life
  12. K
    Java its good
  13. R
    Hello my little Rayis! I love you sooo much. Because I am a banana!
  14. R
    Runakai1 Snow-Pyon
    I love you. Not really. Well, I do love you. <3 That was strange :/
  15. R
    I love Pizza. Everyone does! If you don't like pizza I don't like YOU :c
  16. s
    stokholm LimeGlass
    Hey LimeGlass.

    I need your help, i need a way to undo a pasted schematic in skript.
    Do you know any way to do this?
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    2. LimeGlass
      The variables aren't numbers/integers then, try like

      {_x} parsed as number
      May 13, 2018
      stokholm likes this.
    3. s
      Hey again.

      Thank you soo much for your help soo far.
      I got another question if you will be so freindly to help me with.

      I need to place a sign on a block in skript facing east.
      I have tried wall signs but it is replacing the block instead of setting it on the block.
      May 15, 2018
    4. LimeGlass
      then do it above the location?
      May 16, 2018
  17. JustADev
    I like Toasters
  18. F
    FabricioSouza BaeFell
    So post the code to me since you say it's possible.
  19. F
    Personnel there is no way to get a number like this: set {_n} to ##% integer%
  20. F
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