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  1. Mr_Simba
    Created by Mr_Simba
    Sep 11, 2018
    I've been getting tilted in the skUnity Discord for a while now when seeing people recommend add-ons for simple operations which have been possible in vanilla Skript for months or even a year or two now, so I figured it would be good to have a comprehensive list here of things which vanilla Skript now allows you to do which most people are stuck in the mentality of needing an add-on for. I'll also include a few specific super cool newer Skript syntaxes that make your code way cleaner even if they weren't previously addon-specific.

    I'll include notes where I can on each new feature about the add-ons you previously would have needed to install for it. Note that this doesn't mean you don't need that add-on anymore since it may provide other functionality which you're using, it just means you no longer need an add-on for that specific feature.

    Vanilla Skript Stuff That Was Previously Addon-Exclusive
    • Sounds: Sounds can be played with this syntax (previously from many add-ons). This supports vanilla OR Spigot sound enum names AND supports resource pack sounds.
    • Inventories: Skript has much more inventory support now (from many add-ons). You can:
      • Detect inventory open, close, and click.
      • Create inventories of any types which can be stored in variables (set {_inv} to a new chest inventory with 3 rows named "Shop" then open {_inv} to the player).
      • Inventory click events let you get the...
  2. BaeFell
    Created by BaeFell
    May 12, 2018
    Hi everyone,

    Sorry about the delay in posting this, I've been mega busy and it has been difficult to find a winner.

    After reviewing all the entries into the latest Skript Challenge, it was just impossible to pick a winner. They all had different programming languages, took different approaches and the ones where they created a website had a good design and style to them. All worked as intended and I found it quite funny that @Donut was competitive with the obfuscation.

    And the winners are...
    @Pikachu - @Duetro - @TPGamesNL - @TonyMaster21 - @Rezz

    While it was fun having multiple programming languages thrown into the mix, I probably won't do it again. It meant I was unable to directly compare between entries and that is why everyone who entered has won (thank god I don't give any real prizes for this...).

    Thanks for everyone who entered! I'm always after new ideas for Skript Challenge, feel free to PM me any you might have :emoji_slight_smile:

  3. BaeFell
    Created by BaeFell
    May 1, 2018
    Hi everyone,

    Welcome to another Skript Challenge!

    In this Skript Challenge, you must make a deobfuscator for @Donut's obfuscator

    The rules are as follows (note: rules may change between challenge):
    - Any of the languages below can be used but the code must be easily readable and accessible
    - Your code must be in code tags, pastebin or on a public GitHub repo
    - You can use addons, but, you're not allowed to use a feature from an addon which does this and the addon must of been released publicly prior to the creation of this thread (eg. WildSkript obfuscate expression...)
    - You can use another user's code, but please don't edit your messages. I can see all message history and posts that do have edit history like this will not be counted
    - Web API's or using an external source (eg, a Java obfuscation library), to get your result in is not allowed. All submissions must actually do the obfuscation themselves.
    - You must list all addons used. I will be testing on Spigot 1.12.2

    I might add a rule after a submission has been made, it's up to me whether or not that submission is valid. I can deny any submission for any reason.

    Challenge details (specifics about this challenge):
    - Your must successfully take the input of an obfuscated script that was obfuscated using @Donut's obfuscation tool and then return the deobfuscated output
    - You can use any of the programming languages below, but the code must be accessible.
    - I really like any information and stuff so gimme stats about what's going on and how everything went

    Languages allowed:
    - Java
    - PHP
    - Skript
    - JavaScript
    Those are the languages I am confident in and can only judge code using them.

    Please follow this format:

    Code (Text):
    2. Language used:
    3. Published link (optional):
    4. Source code link or pasted below:
    If you don't understand how your answer will be judged here is...
  4. BaeFell
    Created by BaeFell
    Apr 30, 2018
    Hi everyone,

    An idea has been bought before myself by @Snow-Pyon, to reset the current documentation data and do a fresh import. The import would be done automatically and the changeover would happen without anyone realising (well, other than a few missing elements). It might be possible for an archived version of the docs to be created so you can still browse older versions of the docs.

    What will be reset?
    Pretty much, everything. A full docs data reset would be done. This would remove elements from addons that no longer provide any use, increasing load times and making it easier to find relevant addon syntaxes. Here's a brief list:
    • Docs elements
    • Element examples
    • Element info (this will be manually restored on selected elements)
    • Registered users and user data
    • Registered addons
    How would the import work?
    I have created an exclusive tool for skUnity called GlobalImport. This tool is designed to go through the entire addons section of the forums, create the required user and addon data, then import via SmartImport or JSONImport to the docs. This would mean all addons which are easily downloadable would be imported.

    So when is it happening?
    I've discussed with all the skUnity Staff, and the majority decision is to perform a reset. I love to hear what the community has to say on things, so have opened it up to the entire community to give their feedback. There is currently no timeline for this and will happen in a sudden moment. The final decision will be made by myself and @Wrong based on feedback from everyone.

    I still use old addons and need their syntaxes!
    I am looking into setting up a way to view the what will be old docs data. I am keeping full backups of the docs data to ensure that no data loss occurs.

    What about the examples I created?
    I am looking into creating a way to easily reassign them via the Docs Admin panel. As examples are stored separately from...
  5. BaeFell
    Created by BaeFell
    Apr 22, 2018
    Hi everyone,

    We've and got a brand new forums theme! This theme is more stylish and inline with the docs and main skUnity website. You should already be using the style if your style is set to default. If not, scroll to the bottom of the page, left hand side you'll see "skUnity Forums (Old Design)" or "skUnity Fourms Dark (Unsupported)". Click that, and change to "skUnity Forums (New Design)". That'll swap you over straight away.

    I've gone and put unsupported in the title of the skUnity Forums Dark theme as we are no longer looking at continuing the design of that. The old design will still be accessible but may become outdated or inaccessible at some point.

    I'm after feedback and input from everyone as to what you like and dislike, so we can make the changes required to suit everyone.